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Xmatrx Infinity is a fully automated molecular pathology workstation designed to accelerate life sciences research and drug discovery and development. It is an open system that allows simultaneous optimization of 40 assay parameters in a single run.


Enabling Technologies

  • Dehidrasyon ve parafinizasyonda xylensiz sistem.

  • Permanent mounting and cover slipping.

  • Curing and cooling.


Ease of Use

  • Real time slide map.

  • Intelligent bulk fluidics system.​

  • Efficient waste management system.

  • Reports for inventory management and regulatory compliance


The 40 independently thermal-cyclable slide blocks enable any slide-based staining assays, including IHC, IF, ISH, CISH, FISH, multiplexed co-detection and miRNA ISH. The Infinity system adapts and completely automates any manual protocols such as denaturation, hybridization, stringency washes, counter stain and final coverslip to maximize testing capacity, minimize hands-on time and ensure consistent results every time.

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